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      • Workin' hard....

        Okay, I don’t want everyone getting the wrong idea and thinking that this trip is nothing but trips to the mineral bath and beer hall. Sure, those places are playing a crucial role, but I do actually do work from time to time, I just don’t like to always bore you with all the de

      • Bad Boy

        So after playing in the snow I decided to visit one of the many mineral baths here in Stuttgart. I took the train to Mineralbad Leuze with it’s warm and cool pools full of mineral rich water. Having learned to schvitz at the Tenth Street Baths in NYC, I was looking forward to be

      • Another Day, Another Snowfall

        Another day, more snow! After a winter of dry weather winter has come to Stuttgart with a vengeance.

        Rolling uphill, like true artists!

        More sledding, more fun! Photo by Ligia Nobre.

        Me and my buddy. Photo by Ligia Nobre.

      • Snow Day!

        So it snowed yesterday.

        ©Damaso Reyes

        A lot.

        ©Damaso Reyes

        I had fun.

        ©Damaso Reyes

        I went sledding.

        ©Damaso Reyes

        I got cold and wet.

        Going down the

      • Zen and the Art of Waiting

        Some people think of photography as an action packed adventure but those of us who actually take the photographs know that it is all about waiting. And then waiting some more. And then a little more after that.

        Sometimes it’s about waiting for the right moment, other

      • January Dinner

        So yesterday was the monthly fellow’s dinner here at Schloss Solitude. It is one of the few chances we get to all come together on a regular basis and share a meal. It was a great chance to meet some of the more reclusive fellows and share a couple (read dozen) bottles of wine.

      • Hide and Sheep

        So, yesterday I got up all early to go hang out with that shepherd that I met the other day. We were supposed to meet up at nine so I got up, showered, put on my long underwear, got all my camera gear ready and went out into the brisk morning air. I searched and searched but fou

      • First Week, First Impressions

        Hard to believe that I have been here for a whole week, isn’t it? For all the anxiety that I experience before a big move like the one I have just taken it always amazes me how easily I manage to adapt to wherever I land. Of course it helps that I have done this before, most not

      • MLK DAY

        Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

        This is just about the only holiday that I actually take seriously and though tempted I managed to avoid doing any work today. I simply meditated on the man and his message. How far we have come since he gave his famous speech in 1963

      • Watch Out for the Sheep!

        While at lunch today the woman sitting next to me asked “Have you seen the sheep?” Of course I responded “What sheep?” Apparently twice a year a shepherd comes by with his flock to graze on the grasses surrounding the Schloss. So I went out camera in hand and lo and behold there

      • Party in Munich
        Munich, Germany

        Traveling in Germany is fun and easy! Yesterday I took the ICE (high speed) train from Stuttgart to Munich for a party at Lisa and Renate’s studio. They insisted that I come so how could I refuse? It also gave me the chance to visit Calumet and to meet with Meike from Ketc

      • Jet Lag
        Stuttgart, Germany

        I guess I shouldn’t have joked about the jet lag in my last entry. For some reason I have been waking up at 2:30 in the morning for the past two days, unable to get back to sleep until five or six in the morning. As you could imagine this has put a serious cramp i

      • Arrival
        Stuttgart, Germany

        I don’t know if it’s the jet lag, the 400 rolls of film I have sitting in my fridge or the absurdly nice “studio” that I am working in right now but I am giddy. I arrived a few hours ago and I am duly impressed by the place and I haven’t gotten to see nearly all o

      • Comments Please
        New York City

        So I have decided to enable comments on this blog, let’s see how this little experiment works out. One of the reasons why I have hesitated up until now was that I was wary of vandals and more likely idiots posting silly comments. But I have also realized that comments are an

      • Happy New Year!
        New York City

        I have been joking to my friends that 2007 will be the “Year of Yes.” Not so much for me, mind you, more about getting other people to say yes to The Europeans.

        Once again I find myself at the beginning of a new year having no real clue as to where I will b

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