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      • HCB Quote of the Week #21

        Well I have indeed been a busy little bee! In addition to shooting again at the Vienna City Council it is ball season here in Austria. So I have been doing my waltzing lessons and trying to find some dress clothes. Today I attended my very first ball which was the Regenbogen Ball (

      • Fresh Direct

        Politics Time! © Damaso Reyes

        In the Halls... © Damaso Reyes

        I spent the morning taking photographs at the Vienna City Council (special thanks to Green Party member Marco Schreuder for arranging the visit). Housed in a beautiful 19th century gothic

      • Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day

        Once again I am celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day abroad. I suppose that the day takes on an added significance for me here in Europe because were it not for Kingís dream and the hard work he and millions of other put into realizing it I would not have accomplished what I have

      • HCB Quote of the Week #20

        So how is everyone doing this weekend? Here in Vienna it looks to be warming up so you know that means lots of street shooting for me! In other news I may have even found a darkroom so keep your fingers crossed. I am setting up some shoots for next week which will hopefully include

      • Nursing Home Haiku

        Some of you may remember my good friend Albert Somma. While I was back in New York last month I took the train out to visit him in New Jersey at the rehabilitation center he has been living at. Two and a half years ago he was riding his bike through Riverside Park after work and ha

      • Photography Jobs & Opportunies #7

        So I did some more walking around the city today. One of the things that I love about Vienna is the contrast between its new and old architecture. The entryways of buildings are especially interesting because many of the older ones have stone carvings above them and are protected b

      • HCB Quote of the Week #19

        Youíll be happy to know that I have been getting the itch to go out and shoot more and more. I have a few destinations in mind here in Vienna and I will let you know how things develop. I do have to say that I have been enjoying shooting the Leicas quite a bit though I am still tr

      • Sketches of Wien

        So I have spent the last three days or so finally checking out a bit of the city. I havenít gotten that far but I have liked what I have seen. It has finally warmed up a bit here, the bitter wind which filled the streets last week has died down and even our friend Mr. Sun has made

      • Photography Jobs & Opportunities #6

        So the internet is all about interactivity, right? Well part of the reason I started this blog was to interact a little more with people. As a photojournalist the usual model of interaction is one way from me to you when you see my photos in a newspaper or magazine. Of course you c

      • Hear Ye, Hear Me....

        So before I left the States I did an interview with Inside Digital Photo Radio. I know, I mostly shoot film but I got a chance to talk about how digital and analogue systems can complement each other. Click on this link to go to the page with my interview (you can hear

      • HCB Quote of the Week #18

        In case you were wondering it is still ridiculously cold here in Vienna but I managed to wake up early to go to the flea market, which as it turned out was walking distance from the MuseumsQuartier. There actually werenít that many vendors, not surprising given the weather but ther

      • Obama Takes Iowa While I Freeze in Vienna

        It is COLD here in Wien but it was very hot yesterday in Iowa! I still havenít ventured very far, just out shopping and wandering a bit but this weekend I will head out to the flea market and snap some pictures and hopefully have more impressions to give you but at first blush I ca

      • First Day in Vienna!

        Hallo vom Wien and happy new year!

        Memphis celebrates in Brooklyn. © Damaso Reyes

        I left JFK international airport on the last evening of the year with some reservations. As some of you know traveling does stress me out, especially when I am going to a n

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