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      • Photo of the Day #98
        Sturovo, Slovakia

        Many feel that further integration means a loss of identity and culture. Personally I disagree but what do I know, I’m an American! An interesting article from The Local in Germany talks about the decline of scholarly German in academic publications, an interesting topic

      • Photo of the Day #97
        Sturovo, Slovakia

        We’ve talked about the topic of hate speech and censorship before but it never seems to get old does it? The Netherlands is our next stop where a right wing politician will soon be on trial for airing his repugnant views on Islam, as we learn from Der Spiegel.

      • Photo of the Day #96
        Sturovo, Slovakia

        As you know immigration is one of my favorite topics. Perhaps it is because I am the son of immigrants. My story would be far, far different if I had been born in Germany or France and I am sensitive to the way immigrants are viewed and treated. From France we see anothe

      • Photo of the Day #95
        Sturovo, Slovakia

        It seems like things just go from bad to worse in Iceland, as we learn from the International Herald Tribune.

        “Iceland's coalition collapsed Monday, the latest fallout from a global financial crisis that has sparked angry demonstrations across Europ

      • Saturday Night Fever
        Sturovo, Slovakia

        And how was your weekend? Mine was great, thanks for asking! I got to experience some local culture on Saturday night when I was invited to attend an annual dinner/dance here in Štúrovo. It wasn’t exactly the traditional balls I went to this time last year in Vienn

      • Photo of the Day #94
        But what about the white man you ask? Of course the story of European integration has a lot to do with ethnic white populations as well. in the few days that I’ve been here I have talked with a few people who are living abroad and the challenges they face are no less difficult. Today I came across a

      • Photo of the Day #93

        What a day!

        The view from Budapest. © Damaso Reyes

        It was a day that some said would never come. But it did. I went to Budapest to watch the inauguration at an Irish pub where some other expats and Hungarians had gathered. I came early and while

      • 44

        'Nuff said...

      • Happy MLK Day
        Štúrovo, Slovakia

        Happy MLK Day!

        And of course it is a very special one because of what will happen tomorrow. Forty-six years after Dr. King gave his speech in Washington, D.C. Barack Obama will be sworn in as the 44th president of the United States of America. It is diff

      • First Impressions
        Štúrovo, Slovakia

        Greetings from Slovakia! It took a while to get here but I had a smooth flight from New York. I spent the afternoon in Budapest getting a brief tour (thanks Imre!) before taking the train here.

        Home… © Damaso Reyes

        First impressio

      • Photo of the Day #92

        Flying away on a jet plane…

        So I’m heading for Slovakia on Thursday and there are still a million and one things for me to do so I won’t be blogging much this week. Of course on Monday I will fill you in on some first impressions. Until then, stay well!


      • Photo of the Day #91
        If it’s not one thing, it’s another. As we have discussed before, us photographers are having a tough time of it. If we’re not being laid off or shot at, odds are we are being hassled by the Man, at least if we live in the United Kingdom, or as it is increasingly being called, the Nanny State. The l

      • Photo of the Day #90
        What to do about Russia? There is perhaps no larger foreign policy question echoing around the capitals of the European Union than this. A long simmering dispute between Russia and Ukraine over natural gas has exploded as Russia has cut off all deliveries of natural gas, not just to the Ukraine but

      • Photo of the Day #89
        Well all the news concerning immigrants in Europe is not bad. In fact there are even a few examples of what I believe the future will look like and NRC Handelsblad gives us a fine example from The Netherlands.

        “It is almost impossible to overestimate the symbolic value of Ahmed Aboutaleb&

      • February 2009 Isuue of Outdoor Photographer
        If you happen to stop by your local newsstand you can see my photograph advertising Kodak’s new Ektar 100 film on the back cover of Outdoor Photographer!

        Special thanks to Audrey for making it possible!

      • Photo of the Day #88
        The new year has just begun but as in most years there is quite a bit of carryover from the past, as if the year gone by just doesn’t want to let go. The past is ever present in Europe, nowhere more so than in Germany where extreme right-wing attitudes and even violence are still prevalent as we lea

      • Happy New Year!
        Happy New Year! Hard to believe it’s 2009 already, isn’t it? I remember as a young child in elementary school the concept of the year 2000 seemed amazing and here we are already nine years past that! Well 2008 wasn’t as productive as I might have liked but I do feel like I learned a few things and c

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