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      • Rejection and Aceptance

        My life has been framed by the twin concepts of Rejection and Acceptance. No matter how far I seem to have come or how old I get these two parallel themes are my constant companions.

        It seems as though my life has been punctuated by a few significant instances of acc

      • Prince Harry

        Marine recruits. ©Damaso Reyes

        It’s nice to see that SOME country’s elites are willing to put their money where their mouths are…

      • Rememberance of Things Past

        Recently I was talking with some of the other fellows and several told me that they were surprised by how much traveling I have done and the places that I have been to. I never feel like I have covered enough ground myself, but the conversations did give me an opportunity to thi

      • NYABJ Award

        Well I have recovered, mostly. I sleep in and have a fairly lazy day but did manage to do some late afternoon bike riding through the local woods with another fellow.

        In other news, I just checked online and it turns out that I won 1st place for international reportin

      • Carnival in Cologne

        Day One
        “We’re not in Stuttgart anymore, Toto”

        It certainly has been a long weekend!

        You know, every time I embark on one of these little adventures, I forget how much work is involved. I know, it sounds silly but something like Carnival is so overwhelmi

      • Off to Cologne!
        En Route to Cologne

        Well here I am, off to Cologne for carnival weekend! Last year I was in New Orleans, which was a lot of fun and hard work. It might be interesting to try carnival in a different city every year, we’ll see if we can make a habit out of this. So I will try to post whilst

      • Video Killed the Photography Star

        Often when I tell people that I am a photojournalist they ask me if I do video as well.

        I always answer no.

        I mention this because of an article I saw today online. One quote gave me pause:

        “Digital stills photography will, when we look back on i

      • Party Time

        Another monthly dinner and fun was had by all, though speaking just for myself there was a little too much wine consumed, which I felt this morning when I woke up just after eight to go photograph at the State Parliament, but that’s another story. Here are some photos….enjoy!
      • Iraq Then and Now

        When I visited Iraq in 2000 I thought that there was little else that my country to could to make the situation there more intolerable for the people whom we wished to “liberate.”

        An Iraqi hospital in 2000. ©Damaso Reyes

        Clearly, I was wrong.

      • Anna Nicole

        Anna Nicole Smith is dead.

        Anna at Live 8 in 2005. ©Damaso Reyes

        ©Damaso Reyes

        ©Damaso Reyes

        Here’s a link to a blog that I wrote about her in 2005. Let me know what you think…

      • One down...

        One month down, five to go!

        Time is a tricky thing, something it goes by at warp speed, usually when I’m doing something fun like eating ice cream or nude karaoke; at other times it drags on, most notably when I am loading one of the 16 rolls of films that I have been

      • Memory...

        I have a bad memory.

        That comes as no shock to those of you who know me, after all I often joke that the reason why I take pictures is to remember what it is that I’ve seen.

        More seriously, I have a hard time remembering the names of people I’ve just met; I

      • What the Duck

        So I came across this comic strip a while back and thought I would share it with you. It’s a pretty accurate portrait of life as a photographer.

      • Lectures...

        So for the past two days there has been a symposium here entitled “When is a work of art dead?” Since it has been all in German up until tonight, I have just been taking the occasional photo, but tonight there is a lecture in English. There is talk of going out afterwards but I’

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