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      • ESA

        Sorry I havenít written in a while, when I got back from Hamburg I was laid low by a nasty little virus that pretty much kept me in bed for a few days. But now I am back in fine form!

        On a World Tour. Global NO2 pollution map for 2006. Photo courtesy of ESA/KNMI

      • High Tech in the Brain

        There are days when my job, as great as it is, is difficult. Days where I stand in the rain, a piercing wind slicing through me. Days where I walk for miles to nowhere, alone with only a heavy camera bag to console me.

        Then there are days like today where I get to photo

      • Hafen Hamburg

        Well I have to say that Hamburg is pretty amazing. I am having a great time, taking photos and running around town. I am lucky enough to be staying with my friend Ewa, who I met at Solitude during a symposium a few months ago.

        Today I shot at the Port of Hamburg, much t

      • Off to Hamburg... Interlude..
        En Route to Hamburg

        So I am off to Hamburg for about a week. I will be shooting at the port there and hopefully a few other places. In the meantime, another interlude to satisfy the massesÖ

        Date Unknown
        Brooklyn, New York

        In all honesty all I really have is memo

      • Interlude...

        So I have been somewhat busy editing photos, taking long walks in the woods and planning some shoots for next week so I havenít been blogging too much. But I promise that soon you will see the fruits of my labor, or at least the vegetables. In the meantime I think I will begin a

      • It's a Beautiful Day...

        Of course it is a crystal clear day outside. There is no doubt that the sun is shining impossibly bright and that the birds are singing to each other that Spring is just around the corner.

        Of course I am stuck inside, editing photos and sending emails.


      • Drug Reform

        It seems as though the United Kingdom may join the increasing number of European nations which are moving to scrap their antiquated drug laws, The Guardian is reporting. What do you think, should soft and hard drugs continue to be illegal, punishable by stiff jail sentences? In

      • Month Two

        Well it has been two months since I left New York and arrived here in Germany. In that time I have traveled to a Munich and Cologne and shot and processed nearly a hundred rolls of film.

        Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Cologne 2007. ©Damaso Reyes
      • 33 Things about Damaso

        While most of the people reading this blog are friends or search engine bots, there may very well be a few people here and there who donít know much about me. So here 33 things you might find interesting, in no particular orderÖ

        Self Portrait. Rwanda 1999.©Damas

      • The Commission for the Standardization of Blankets

        I know itís hard to believe but I am not an expert in everything. Nor do I want to be. For a long time this project has been more or less a one man show. Well now all of that is about to change.

        Last week I was reading a 1962 article from the Complete New Yorker that

      • Worker

        I am a worker.

        ©Damaso Reyes

        This is where I work.

        ©Damaso Reyes

        I mix chemicals.

        ©Damaso Reyes

        I open film canisters.

        ©Damaso Reyes

        I make photographs.

        ©Damaso Reyes


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