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      • Springtime in Germany...

        Berlin in springtime is much nicer than in winter, that’s for sure. I have been wandering around the city with my friend Anna, who is visiting from NYC. Among other things, we have been visiting graveyards where we found some cool old fonts on the tombstones; we have been to a few

      • Chillin' in Berlin

        The first time I came to Berlin last winter I was a bit underwhelmed. The Soviet architecture which dominates much of the city was a bit oppressive and the weather was cold and a bit dark. Of course now spring is in full swing and the city has truly come to life. I have spent the p

      • Interlude...

        Here is a little Interlude to keep you entertained, don’t worry, I am having fun….

        Lovely Dark and Deep

        The view from Solitude. © Damaso Reyes

        There are many things that I love about Solitude. The freedom to work at my own pace, the support I

      • Off to Berlin!

        Well I am off to Berlin this morning for twelve days of shooting and exploring. I hope to post fairly often but hey, I may very well be busy! So in the mean time enjoy whatever Interludes I put up here! Catch you later…..

        A flea market in Berlin. © Damaso Reyes

      • New Galleries

        Well it’s about time!

        I have finally managed to update my website with new image galleries. I know you’re so excited. You can see photographs from such exotic destinations as Berlin, Cologne and of course Stuttgart.

        The Bundestag in Berlin. © Damaso R

      • 2nd Anniversary

        Happy Tax Day! Yes, today is the day when many of my friends back home are rushing to ensure that they have their taxes files (actually since the date falls on a Sunday they have until tomorrow at midnight to make sure Uncle Sam get his pound of flesh).

        Today also hap

      • Three Down, Three to Go...

        Well it has been three months since I arrived here at Solitude and it has been an intensely interesting experience both personally and artistically. It has been a time of contradictions for sure. I feel like I have worked hard and at the same time not hard enough. I feel like I

      • The United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland

        The United Kingdom has always been proud of its ambiguous place in Europe. To paraphrase scripture, it likes to be in Europe but not of Europe. For me, two recent articles illustrate the pressures that Europe in general and the United Kingdom in particular are facing.

      • When it rains...

        “Ask and ye shall receive” the Gospel of Matthew tells us. That’s the interesting thing about clichés, there is at least a kernel of truth in them, otherwise they would not be clichés. I suppose it is possible that the universe heard my plaintive cry about not feeling accepted a

      • Rights? You don't need any rights....

        What, you may ask, have I been doing since I have returned from Hamburg. Well beside processing 36 rolls of film in the last 36 hours, I have been trying to set up shoots for an upcoming trip to Berlin towards the end of the month. So you know what that means: endless research,

      • A Fifty Year Dream

        Happy birthday!

        To the EU, that is. If you weren’t paying attention, the EU was more or less born on March 25th, 1957 when the Treaty of Rome was signed. Half a century later many of the goals of the signers, including a common currency and open borders, have come to

      • April Fools!

        In keeping with the festive nature of the date, here are some funny articles.

        I know that you believe that all journalists are criminals, now here is your proof!

        And since they are criminals, why not watch them be attacked by bears, cats and elephants?
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