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      • All Together Now!
        So how will Europe deal with the economic crisis? This seems to be our theme of the week here at The Europeans and it is an important topic indeed. Recently Der Spiegel interviewed the Chancellor of Austria who had some interesting things to say.

        Next QuestionÖ Vienna 2008 © Damaso

      • Back to the Future
        The more economic news we hear from Europe, the more it seems like the party is indeed over. Of course rising unemployment rates in places like Spain donít just affect citizens but also the thousands of immigrants who have come to Western Europe seeking a better life as we learn in this article.
      • Any Port in the Storm...
        I really, really want to go to Iceland this summer so if anyone wants to help subsidize the trip just let me know. I have become a little fascinated by this tiny island nation since their banking system, and just about the rest of their economy collapsed last year. There is a lot going on there are

      • By Hook or by Crook...
        European Union elections are notorious for their low turnout unlike local and national elections in most nations. Not all European leaders are asleep at the switch, even if their methods for increasing turnout is a bit dubious. We learn more from

        Calling all voters. Vie

      • Four Years On...
        Last week I let the 4th anniversary of The Europeans pass without so much as a note. Personally I am not much of a birthday or anniversary type of person but it is important to recognize the passage of time. It is also a useful opportunity to think about where weíve been and where we are going.
      • All that Glistens...
        When I was living in Germany in 2007 I got to visit the quaint town of Pforzeim a few times. Well as we noted yesterday the economic crisis seems to be invading every part of Europe including the places thought to be untouchable, as we read in an article from the New York Times.


      • Struggling in Bohemia
        European countries large and small are feeling the pinch from the current economic crisis. You may not feel that the fact youíve decided not to buy a new television in Berlin or Barcelona matters very much anywhere else but as we discover from an article in the Prague Post, the ripple effect is very

      • Stand Up and be Counted
        Race is a problem thatís not going away in America, let alone Europe. While weíve had our Civil Rights movement and the cathartic election of Barack Obama has done much to heal old wounds old and ongoing injustices still ache like, well, old wounds. France is having its own troubles as we learn from

      • Photo of the Day #133
        Itís strange that in that most law abiding of European nations, Germany, that they are having trouble enforcing a smoking ban. I guess those Berliners are just living up to their wild and crazy reputation for bucking the trend. We learn more from The Local.

        Just another puff pleaseÖ

      • Photo of the Day #132
        Isnít it interesting that something most of us had never heard of twenty years ago, the internet, now plays such an important role in our lives? Just by reading this sentence you affirm the role of the worldwide web in your life. In Moldova the web has played a critical role in protests over the las

      • Photo of the Day #131
        One would think that the issue of the separation of church and state would have been largely settled in what is becoming an increasingly godless Western Europe. But from time to time the big man, or woman depending on your preference, makes an appearance. This time the spotlight moves towards our fr

      • Photo of the Day #130

        Well it certainly is nice to be back in New York! Spring has arrived and I am enjoying it as much as possible. I can report however that the Guinness at the Dublin airport is tasty, lending credence to the idea that the closer one getís to St. Jamesí Gate the better the brew.
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