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      • The blame game...
        The past is always with us, especially in Germany. World War II ended more than sixty years ago but its lessons and the tragedies they stem from, are still with us. Der Spiegel has an interesting, and apparently controversial, article about the madmen of the Third Reich and their helpers.

      • All that glistens is not gold, and vice versa...
        I try to combine my two favorite topics, Europe and photography, in every post I make here. Occasionally the link is more explicit that implicit, something I enjoy a great deal. We learn more from the New York Times.

        The lens as mirror. Vienna 2008. © Damaso Reyes

      • Sprintime for Hitler and Germany...
        I thought I would end the week on a lighter note. The hit musical The Producers has finally come to Germany after traveling the world. Perhaps it is a sign of progress that Germans can now laugh at Hitler.

        Forget me not. Berlin 2007 © Damaso Reyes

        “So much time has passed now,”

      • A little help from our friend
        Everything old is new again! We’re fond of clichés here at The Europeans if for no other reason than they hold more than a grain of truth. We learn more about a recent revival from the New York Times.

        Bringin’ it back old school style. Vienna 2008 © Damaso Reyes


      • We don't want any...
        Immigration has been pushed to the back burner a bit by the economic crisis but for the millions of people in Europe who are affected by this issue it is never far from the fore. The EU Observer has an interesting and timely piece about the progress, or in this case lack thereof, which is being made

      • Brother can you spare a job?
        It wouldn’t be Monday if we didn’t get back to reality, as unappealing as it is. The reality is that Europe’s brightest economic stars of the past decade are also those who are hurting the most, as we learn from the Economist.

        Clean up needed! Cologne 2007 © Damaso Reyes

      • Farmers Fight Back!
        We can joke that the European Union is nothing more than geography surrounded by bureaucracy but those arcane regulations which spring forth from Brussels by the thousands actually do have an impact on the lives of ordinary people, as the Washington Post explains.

        Just fix it. Stutt

      • And Now for Something Completely Different...
        It’s time for a something a little lighter and our friends at The are more than willing to help out!

        You can call me whatever you want… London 2005

        “A Swedish couple from Åre in northern Sweden have taken their fight to name their son Q to the Supreme Administra

      • Would you mind passing the Grey Pupon?
        If you’ve ever spent some time in France you understand that they know how to live. Two hour lunches, great food and wine, even their trains are chic. Well it seems that French philosophy on life is even helping them weather the current global economic crisis, as we learn from The Economist.
      • Can I Have More Please?
        “The rich get richer.” Just because it’s a cliché does mean it isn’t true, as we learn in an article from the always informative E.U. Observer.

        Running roughshod. Stuttgart 2007. © Damaso Reyes

        “Royal landowners and multinational companies were among the biggest be

      • Pirates Attack Parliament
        It seems like pirates are just in the news everywhere these days! In Sweden, the Pirate Party, born out of the fight over file sharing, seems poised to capture a seat in the European Union Parliament as we learn from Gizmodo.

        Raise high the banner! Berlin 2007 © Damaso Reyes
      • My Kingdom for a Bulb!
        One of the things that I love about Europe is that no matter how intermixed its cultures become there will always be noticeable regional differences. Take the British and the Germans for example. A friend of mine who lived in Germany for many years once joked that if the government there declared th

      • Learning to Love Taxes (or at least not hate them)
        “Us and them.” It is often what the world breaks down to. “Them” is always an abstraction, never a reality and rarely nuanced. One of the great things about traveling and living abroad is that it brings you face to face with “them” and if you aren’t careful you might even become one of them. In a gr

      • Falling Prices, Failing hopes...
        Happy May Day! At least happy for some of us, not so happy for others caught in this global economic crisis, which turns out to be most of us. Spain, once one of Europe’s fastest growing economies now risks getting caught in a cycle of deflation, as we learn from the New York Times.

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