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      • Objects of Desire

        Recently I had a chance to update The Wish List, feel free to have a look!

        I went through and thought about my current needs and since I am in the process of making the switch from SLRs to rangefinder cameras, there were several things on the list that I have deleted

      • Life is one big party....

        Friday and Saturday I went to the Württembergischer Kunstverein where Dr. Cornelia Lund and Dr. Holger Lund of Fluctuating Images gallery here in Stuttgart were curating a series of events exploring the relationship between parties and art. On these two days they invited DJs as

      • Back to School

        I made my way back to the Schömberg Children’s Clinic to photograph the small school that they have for the patients. From the first time I heard about it I was very interested in photographing the teachers and students, much thanks to Dr. Uwe Petruch for arranging this visit fo

      • Trip to CERN

        Well it has been two incredible days, almost enough to make me wish that I had taken physics a little more seriously in high school, sorry John, all I can do is take photos…

        I arrived in Geneva early yesterday morning after traveling all night on the train, next time I w

      • Lost and Found

        Why aren’t you in Hamburg? Two different people asked me this question in the space of as many days and they, as well as you I suppose deserve an answer.

        Of course my friends were referring to the anti G8 protests happening in Hamburg and other cities here in Germany,

      • Up and Atom!

        11:45 p.m. and waiting for the train to Geneva, don’t let anyone tell you that this business is glamorous!

        After waking up early this morning to photograph the mayor of Stuttgart, here I am waiting for an early morning train to Geneva where I will photogr

      • Back to the Black Forest

        Today I travelled once again to the Black Forest and the Schömberg Children’s Clinic to photograph some of the patients there. On the way I got off at the wrong stop (who knew that there were two stops called Mühlacker anyway?) and ended up cooling my heels for an hour while rea

      • Ich mochte eine Leica M6!

        I am a changed man.

        Leica lenses under construction. © Damaso Reyes

        Sure I use and enjoy working with a rangefinder but for as long as I have been photographing I have been using SLR cameras. There are a lot of different reasons for this but like most art

      • Off to Solms

        I am very excited!

        Oh happy day! © Damaso Reyes

        Tomorrow I get to photograph at the Leica factory!

        It feels a little like a religious pilgrimage, going to the place where the 35mm rangefinder camera was more or less invented and refined. So

      • Children's Hospital

        Well as much as I have enjoyed basking in the afterglow of my show, drinking beer and sleeping until noon, I can only stay idle so long. Back to “work” it is for me and yesterday I traveled to the Black Forest to visit the Schömberg Children´s
        Neuropediatric and Rehabilita

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