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      • Photo of the Day #34

        So it seems like at least one European leader is taking my advice and pushing for a more democratic process when it comes to the future of the European Union. Spiegel reports on France’s move to allow its citizens to directly vote on future E.U. enlargement and other matter

      • Photo of the Day #33

        Oh no!

        “The iconic British pint is fast losing ground as the national drink, with a report out Monday showing beer sales in pubs slumping to their lowest level since the Great Depression,” the Associated Press is reporting!

        An endangered species?

      • Photo of the Day #33

        Most of the photographers I know, myself included, are in this business not to make money, although every once in a while it would be nice. We are photojournalists because we are passionate about our craft and want to change the world through it. There is a great article ab

      • Photo of the Day #32

        It seems like while we Americans are trying to burnish our image abroad, our cousins across the pond are tarnishing theirs. An interesting article in the Guardian explores how British tourists are perceived in the rest of Europe; especially in Greece which has become a bit

      • HCB Quote of the Week #45

        I really enjoy these long summer days. There is something special about this city during this season and I am truly soaking it in. I hope that summer is treating you well wherever you are. Here is your HCB Quote of the Week!

        Anna in Central Park. © Damaso Reyes<

      • Photo of the Day #31

        Did you see?

        Obama rocked the house in Berlin yesterday and everybody is talking about it!

        Flying in Berlin, 2006. © Damaso Reyes

        While the speech may have not been as specific as people would have liked (this was not the point of the

      • Photo of the Day #30

        It is sad when you look forward to meetings as a method to get away from your desk.

        But this summer I have spent far more time at the keyboard than behind the camera. As many, many others have stated before me the digitalization of photography has been a blessing and a

      • Photo of the Day #29

        There are times when it is easy to believe that justice will never be served. That those who have power will do as they please without fear of retribution. That the young system of international justice we have been building for sixty years is only so much eye candy.


      • Photo of the Day #28

        So it seems like Obama is a hit not just here in America but across the pond as well! Of course there can be no popularity with controversy and his upcoming trip to Germany is no exception as we learn from our good friends at Der Spiegel (which means mirror, which is kinda cool

      • HCB Quote of the Week #44

        Summer is definitely here in New York! The past couple of days have been very hot and as much and I may have missed New York this time last year, now I’m starting to miss the relatively cool climate of northern Europe. But it is important to appreciate where you’re at in th

      • Photo of the Day #27

        Today is the 90th birthday of Nelson Mandela! It is hard to believe that he was able to contribute so much to so many after spending more than 25 years in prison. His life is a shining example to all of us who wish to make the world a better place. Today we should use this day as

      • Photo of the Day #26

        I have been to two exhumations in my life; one in Kosovo and one in Rwanda, and that is two too many. The work is very important and documenting it is just as necessary but that doesn’t make the challenge of watching bones come out of the ground and easier.

      • Photo of the Day #25 (Peter Magubane Edition)

        The fight for freedom can take many forms. There are those who man the barricades; there are those who give the speeches; there are those who face down the water cannons and angry dogs. And then there are those who document it all, without whom the rest of the world would never k

      • Photo of the Day #24 (Vive la France)

        So yesterday was Bastille day and I totally forgot! I hope that all my French readers had a good time on their national day. While we bask in the glory that France, as we did on July 4, this is a good opportunity to reflect upon whether or our nation is living up to our ideals.
      • Photo of the Day #23

        I saw this poster a while ago and thought it perfectly summed up our society’s attitude towards photographers.

        I assure you that this poster is real. It seems that the British government is trying to outdo its American cousins. Of course let’s not forget th

      • HCB Quote of the Week #43

        There is an old blues song that goes: “nobody loves me, except my mama and she could be jiving too.”

        That seems to be exactly how people feel about the new American embassy in Berlin. I also think that it is fairly ugly but I don’t recall a single embassy of any countr

      • Photo of the Day #22

        Recently the European Union concluded a new agreement on immigration and refugees. In this article in the International Herald Tribune we learn that the focus of the agreement is on policing and not integrating new immigrants and asylum-seekers into European society.

      • Photo of the Day #21

        It seems that I’m not the only one who’s thinking about what the future of the E.U. There is an interesting article in Der Spiegel which talks about some of the reaction in the German press toward defeat of the Treaty of Lisbon. Here is one telling quotation from a left wing Germ

      • Photo of the Day #20

        I got the following email in my inbox last week:

        I am sorry to tell you that your application for [name redacted] was rejected by the jury.

        Best regards,

        Part of being an artist is accepting rejection; after all, you can’t win them all, can you? B

      • Photo of the Day #19

        While visiting one of my favorite websites, the EU Observer, I came across an interesting article about some new European Commission legislation regarding discrimination. While Europe, especially the E.U., is very progressive and forward thinking when it comes to the issue of equ

      • Photo of the Day #18

        I hope that everyone had a good weekend as I did! I started my Independence Day celebrations early by going with some friends Six Flags, an amusement park located in nearby New Jersey, on Wednesday. On Friday and Saturday I had opportunities to do some barbecuing as well as see s

      • Photo of the Day #17 (Happy Independence Day Edition!)

        Happy Independence Day! Today I will be spending some time with good friends, eating good food and of course watching the fireworks along the East River. I hope my fellow Americans are also having a good day and taking some time to think about what is to be an American in this da

      • Photo of the Day #16

        I saw this article from Reuters the other day and it nearly made me want to scream. It turns out that Hollywood actor Ben Affleck is doing some freelancing for the ABC news program Nightline. Apparently this is the only way to get people interested in what’s happening in the Demo

      • Photo of the Day #15

        What is it about religion seems to drive people crazy? People can agree on 90% of the issues but that remaining 10% will give them justification for murder each other. At least that often seems to be the case when it comes to religion. A recent article in the Guardian announces a

      • Photo of the Day #14

        One of the things I love about the Internet is that it provides an opportunity for a back-and-forth between ideas and people no matter how far apart they are. A German friend of mine read my recent blog posting on the issue of censorship. On her blog she posted her own thoughts a

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