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      • Some Applications are Better than Others...
        Tempest in a tea cup or a real case of discrimination? That is the question many in Europe are asking. We learn more from the EU Observer.

        Don’t tell anyone but you’re in! Stuttgart 2007 © Damaso Reyes

        “The EU has tried to ward off any potential ill feeling in the Balkans

      • Free Limited Edition Postcards
        It’s all about changing the way people see the world, especially Europe, here at The Europeans. A big part of how we do that is through photographs. I am sure you’ve enjoyed the images we’ve posted over the years but I also know that some of you long to hold these images in your hands.


      • The Flower of Freedom
        What happens when you finally get what you’ve been fighting for? In Sweden, we see what gays and lesbians have been up to lately. More from The Local.

        The flower of freedom is in bloom. © Damaso Reyes

        “More female than male same-sex couples have chosen to marry sinc

      • Taking the bull by the horns in Spain
        In many ways, from banking to social benefits Europe is light years ahead of America. It seems like Europeans are also warming to the idea of electronic books and more importantly European publishers, unlike their American counterparts, are taking the bull by the horns when it comes to eBooks.
      • Voting Again for the Frist Time
        The E.U. Constitution is dead. Long live the E.U. Constitution. We learn more from Der Spiegel.

        Is this the right box? We shall see. The Netherlands 2005 © Damaso Reyes

        “The date is set. The second referendum in Ireland on the European Union's Lisbon Treaty will take

      • Hold high the banner of Freedom
        Protesting in Europe is a time honored tradition. Some young people see hurling paving stones at “the man” as a rite of passage. In the eyes of many no event more symbolizes global capitalist oppression than the G-8 summit, held this year in Italy. But for some reason the protestors have not booked

      • Seperate and Unequal
        The global economic crisis is being deeply felt throughout Western Europe. Despite generally having a world class social safety net unemployment in some countries is nearing 20%, straining the system. As we’ve mentioned here before, the Spanish economy is increasingly coming under pressure. We learn

      • Profiling in Paris
        In many ways Europe has been historically more progressive than the United States but the scars and legacy of colonialism run deep as we learn from the New York Times.

        The writing on the wall. Paris 2007. © Damaso Reyes

        “Racial and ethnic profiling by the police is illega

      • An unusual experiment
        How we treat those who transgress our laws is in interesting indication of what the values of a society are. Europeans as we are well aware have different values so why should it be a surprise that some of their prisons are also different? We get a look inside via the New York Times Magazine.

      • Running towards the barricades
        France is known for its rich cultural legacy one that is perhaps best or at least most famously manifested in its food. To visit France is to eat well, trust me, I know! But who are these people who fill the American fast food restaurants in Paris? Certainly not Americans by and large. We learn more

      • Equalibrium
        The year is half over. The solstice was also a few days ago and now I have spent more time outside of Europe this year than inside it. The days are growing ever so slightly shorter and a return to Europe, like international communism during the Soviet era, is on the horizon but drawing no closer.
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