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      • Back to Solms!

        So Thursday I head back to Solms!

        Yes, I will be going back to Leica HQ, this time to interview Steven K. Lee, the CEO of Leica Camera for a profile that I am doing for Vanity Fair Germany. It took a little convincing but I am glad that my bosses decided to go with the s

      • Christmas in August!

        Once again I have updated The Wish List!

        I am trying to make it as diverse as possible: something for every inclination and pocket book! As people who are trying to change the world it is not enough to have good intentions, we must also put our money where our mouths are

      • The Sum of My Parts...

        I am an Artist.

        I am a Journalist.

        The two things are not mutually exclusive!

        I am a Photojournalist.

        After having a rather heated discussion last weekend about this with a friend, I figured I should clear a few things up for people

      • Hamburger Heaven

        On my way back to Berlin now after a fun filled weekend in Hamburg! First I went to the Kunsthalle where I saw lots of interesting art including an exhibition about how the sea is represented in art, a very appropriate subject for this harbor town.

        Art is Light! ©

      • Interlude...

        So while I am in Hamburg I thought I would give you guys an entry from the dead stories file. As a freelancer there are stories that you might love but you canít find a home for. This is one of those, enjoy!

        Punk Rock Missionaries in Times Square
        By Damaso Reyes
      • Off to Hamburg

        Well I am off to Hamburg today for a few days of R&R! Not that life has been especially stressful here in Berlin but it is always nice to change things up and Hamburg is a pretty nice city. So I will catch up with you guys on the other side!

      • Opposite Ends

        Itís raining outside. Again.

        Iím not trying to make a big deal about this but I had to wear a jacket yesterday. In August. Does that seem wrong to people? In New York it is hot and steamy and here it is cool and wet. I guess the grass is always greenerÖ.

        I sup

      • Finding Tom...

        So today I got out of the office to work on a story. As always, the universe has a wicked sense of humor. My Vanity Fair colleague and I took our rented car out into the German countryside hot on the trail of Tom Cruise.

        At the Flughafen. © Damaso Reyes

      • First Day, First Impressions

        So my first day of work was on Friday and I was very excited to get things started. I showed up bright and early and was introduced to the shiny, minimalist offices on Unter den Linden. White walls, white floors, white desks, white computers, pretty much white everything. The peopl

      • Then We Take Berlin!

        The process of settling into any new digs is completed for me once I have done laundry and gone to the supermarket, both of which I did today. While most people love apartments with lots of light, the fact that my room has two big windows and no draperies was not something I was ha

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