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      • Photo of the Day #51

        Today I am off to France and Rochefort-en-Terre! I will leave shortly but just wanted to let all you in New York know that I will miss you but of course you can stay up to date on my adventures by tuning in right here! See you soon…

        La belle France! 2007 ©

      • Photo of the Day #50

        Just two days to go until I take off for France and of course I have too much to do. But of course the news never stops and if you have some time check out this interesting article about the E.U.’s response to the conflict between Russia and Georgia, I feel it nicely sums u

      • Photo of the Day #49

        As much as people take photography, and the work that photojournalists do for granted, the impact that our images have on the way people remember and interpret history is profound. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia and the events

      • HCB Quote of the Week #49

        It’s my last weekend in New York and as you can imagine I am super busy! Yesterday also would have been the 100th birthday of HCB. It is hard to understate the impact he has had on photography. I have felt his reach in my own work, especially as I travel throughout Europe.

      • Photo of the Day #48

        If you haven’t checked The Guardian there is a great unconventional story about immigration. We’ve all heard about how Western Europe needs immigration to deal with its declining birthrate and all that jazz but of course one of the things people fear is the loss of culture and na

      • Photo of the Day #47

        Sometimes we need to look at the past to understand what is possible. When we think of documentary photojournalism sometimes we spend more time thinking about Flickr and iPhone cameras than of what is possible when well trained artists do their job well.


      • Photo of the Day #46

        So the time is ticking away until I head to France and of course I have more on my plate than I can handle. So I might not be blogging quite as much as normal but have no fear, at least they will be interesting posts.

        I was on the New York Times website and there was a

      • HCB Quote of the Week #48

        For those of you counting it is just two weeks until I head to France! I am as excited as you are to get back to shooting but there is a LOT to do between now and then. So I will get back to it but enjoy your HCB Quote of the Week!

        Structure and form.

      • Photo of the Day #45

        If you have time check out this super interesting article about a scientist who has developed a genetic map of Europe.

        “The genetic map of Europe bears a clear structural similarity to the geographic map. The major genetic differences are between population

      • Photo of the Day #44

        Once again those rebels at The Guardian are writing about drug reform in the United Kingdom, more specifically about the need for it.

        “I joined the unit more or less agnostic on drugs policy, being personally opposed to drug use, but open-minded about the best way to d

      • Photo of the Day #43

        Keeping with our economic focus this week, we learn from the New York Times about the economic slowdown that is gripping the United Kingdom. It seems like more than a few dodgy mortgages were sold there as well and home prices are falling while inflation and unemployment ar

      • Photo of the Day #42

        Just like in America, much of Europe, especially Western Europe, is getting old. Of all the issues this demographic push brings up, none is more fought over than pensions. While many Americans my age don’t really believe that Social Security will be there for them to fall b

      • Photo of the Day #41

        As many of you already know, a small scale war of sorts has been going on over the past few days between Russia and Georgia over the breakaway enclave of South Ossetia. It started when Georgia increased military operations to try to reclaim the province which has insisted on inde

      • HCB Quote of the Week #47

        For those of you in New York, I will be presenting a slideshow of images from The Europeans today at 4:30 at The Spark, which is located at 161 West 22nd Street (6th & 7th Ave).

        If you can’t come don’t worry, I plan on doing a few events this fall upon my ret

      • Photo of the Day #40

        If we read a recent article in the EU Observer we can see what happens when nearly the nearly thirty member state of the European Union can’t coordinate their foreign policy.

        “Twenty EU states will begin welcoming Kosovo passport holders after Pristina started is

      • Photo of the Day #39

        Since immigration is one of the core themes of my project it makes sense that we talk about it quite a bit. I think it is hard to underestimate the transformative effect that a borderless Europe is having. An article in Der Spiegel talks about how many Eastern Europeans are

      • Photo of the Day #38

        We’ve been kinda down on the state of the discussion surrounding immigration in Europe lately but lo and behold there is actually a positive piece in the Guardian! The author interviewed twelve children who had recently immigrated to the U.K. and asked about their experiences. Wh

      • Photo of the Day #37

        Today we look toward Italy and the issue of immigration. We’ve talked about demographics before but it bears repeating the Western Europe need immigrants and lots of them. But many nations are very resistant to what they see as the endless flood of immigrants which threatens to o

      • Photo of the Day #36

        As most of you know, the newspaper, not to mention magazine business, is in serious trouble. Papers are laying off stay (including photographers) and cutting the number of editorial pages they run. Throughout my career I have noticed a decline in the number of opportunities

      • HCB Quote of the Week #46

        One month form now I will be in France, woo hoo! I know you are just as excited as I am for me to be back out in the field. Of course there is lots to do between now and then so I will leave you with your HCB Quote of the Week!

        Silence is golden! Berlin 2007 © Da

      • Photo of the Day #35

        “In a very real sense, 2009, not 1992, truly will be the ‘hour of Europe.’ By that I mean that if the chancellor of Germany, the prime minister of Britain and the president of France -- backed by their counterparts in Southern Europe, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia -- were

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