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      • HCB Quote of the Week #4

        Just two more days in the Hauptstadt! I will try to make the most of them and see a few galleries and museums, hopefully the weather will cooperate. Here is our latest quote of the week, enjoy!

        Remains of the war, Kosovo 2005. © Damaso Reyes

        ďAs photojou

      • Fast Fertig!

        One more day left at Vanity Fair! It is amazing how quickly these last two months have gone by. The past few weeks I have been slaving away, trying to wrap up two articles for the magazine before I head back down to Stuttgart. You will be happy to know that I am indeed all done, le

      • Geiger College

        Yesterday I went back to Abraham Geiger College, the only Rabbinical School in German and met with Adrian Michael Schell, who is training to be a rabbi there. Last year the school graduated its first class of rabbis, something very special considering Germanyís history. After readi

      • HCB Quote of the Week #3

        'Manufactured' or staged photography does not concern me. And if I make a judgment, it can only be on a psychological or sociological level. There are those who take photographs arranged beforehand and those who go out to discover the image and seize it. For me, the cam

      • Why Can't we, I Mean, You Know, Just Get Along?

        I had no idea but it seems that Belgium is having some problems. The Walloons and the Flemish are not happy with each other at all. Apparently the Dutch speakers have had enough and want to break up the marriage. The French speaking Walloons say non.

        Hard to

      • Published Article

        I suppose good things do come to those who wait, but then again I am a big fan of clichťs! My article about New York artists moving to Berlin has finally been published! I tried to get Vanity Fair interested but they passed. Fortunately for me the Burns network acted fast and my fr

      • Dreden & Leipzig

        The View from a bridge. © Damaso Reyes

        Well it has been a busy two and a half days here in Dresden and Leipzig! It was great to meet up with the other Burns fellows here in Germany, some of whom I hadnít seen since July. Our time here in the east has been both soc

      • HCB Quote of the Week #2

        Greetings! Even though I am traveling I wouldn't want you too miss the quote of the week...

        Holocaust Memorial, Berlin 2007

        To me, photography is the simultaneous recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the significance of an event, as we

      • Off to Dresden

        Tomorrow I head out with the other American Burnsies to Dresden, where we will have our midterm meeting. It is a chance for us to talk about our fellowships, compare notes and make suggestions. We will also have a chance to see a bit of Eastern Germany and the city made famous in

      • The Dollar is going down like the popular girl in high school...

        While I was doing some research online at work I came across this headline: Dollar hits fresh 15-year low. You can read all about it here and here but it basically boils down to: since Damaso has been getting his fellowship money in dollars he is S.O.L. Boy, I canít wait to get bac

      • Six Years on... September 11th

        Itís hard to believe that it has been six yearsÖ

        The day after. © Damaso Reyes

        For the first time since that terrible day, the 11th of September falls on a Tuesday, the same day of the week the attacks took place. It was a warm, bright and clear morning.

      • HCB Quote of the Week #1

        Canít you see Iím working? Seriously I just realized a few days ago that the deadline for the Guggenheim Fellowship is at the end of the week so I am spending the better part of today, which of course happens to be one of the few nice days weíve had in a while, revamping my proposa

      • Little Help Please...

        So what is it I do all day?

        Itís hard to put into words, but donít worry, I am keeping busy, mostly working on articles and looking glamorous at the Vanity Fair offices. Hard to believe that I am half way done but itís true!

        In any event, lest you think that m

      • Documenting Doucmenta

        Is modernity our antiquity?
        What is bare life?
        What is to be done?

        These are the three questions that the curators and organizers of Documenta 12 say the show is organized around. I think you can guess what my response was.

        Stuffed Giraffe a

      • Off to Kassel, Remembering Katrina

        So tomorrow I head down to Kassel for a few days to check out the Documenta art exhibition. Hard to believe that I have already been here in Berlin for a month and only have thirty days left to go. It never stops seeming strange to me how time can move both so quickly and so slowly

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