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      • Photo of the Day #68
        For years people have been saying that the newspaper business is on its last legs. But like a patient who has a terminal illness one can ignore the diagnosis for a long time until the symptoms become too acute not to pay attention to. Today is one of those days.

        The march of time.

      • Hard Times...
        Yesterday I got yet another form letter in the mail thanking me for my application but due to the large numbers of excellent proposals mine was not selected. It’s not like I am new to this game but you get enough rejections in a row and you start to get frustrated, even discouraged.

      • Photo of the Day #67
        See, I told you! They want all of us to shoot video…

        And one camera to rule them all. Stuttgart 2007 © Damaso Reyes

      • Photo of the Day #66
        It seems like the easiest way that politicians and government officials have to legislate morality or to inspire fear is to attack photography and photographers. As we learn in an article in The Guardian, the United Kingdom is considering prosecuting photographers to take certain kinds of sexually e

      • Images of Kodak's New Ektar Film
        I had a great day at PhotoPlus yesterday and got to talk a lot about Kodak’s new Ektar film. It’s a funny coincidence that when I was first shooting film back in the early 1990’s that the original Ektar 25 was one of the films I used. Now nearly fifteen years later I am shooting the new and improved

      • Photo of the Day #65
        So I will be spending some time over at PhotoPlus Expo today and tomorrow. New York’s biggest photography convention is happening now and today I will be at the Kodak booth talking about their new Ektar Film! Photography is always a hot topic here but it seems even the staid Economist has film on th

      • Photo of the Day #64
        Even politicians are sounding the alarm about racism in Italy. Granted Jean-Léonard Touadi is not your average politician. Born in Congo he came to Italy in 1979 and made himself into a journalist, author and activist before being elected to the Italian parliament as we learn from the U.K.’s Observe

      • Photo of the Day #63
        Perhaps it is naïve to think that 27 different countries can agree on anything, let alone a topic as complex as immigration but the E.U. recently did just that as we learn from Spiegel Online.

        Still waiting. Berlin 2006

        Many critics are unhappy with the restrictive conte

      • Photo of the Day #62
        There is a food fight going on in France. Well a cheese fight at least. The future is bumping up against the past as it so often does in Europe with big manufactures squaring off against independent producers as we learn in a article in the International Herald Tribune.

        Protect me f

      • Photo of the Day #61
        The question we all must ultimately ask is: what do I want to be?

        Sure it sounds like something a 6 year old would say but how many of us have honestly asked and answered that question lately? The reason I mention this is because of yet another article on PDN’s blog extolling the virtues

      • Photo of the Day #60
        It seems like immigration, and the tensions that are closely associated with it are never far from our posts here. Today we turn out attention once again to Italy which has one of the most complicated relationships to immigrants of all E.U. member states. As we pointed out recently some immigrants h

      • Too Big to Fail? Too Small to Survive?
        Can a country go bankrupt?

        It is a question that is on many people’s lips in America and in Europe. In Iceland, the question seems to have been answered as we read in a recent article in the New York Times. The tiny nation has seen the value of its currency plummet and its ban

      • Photo of the Day #59
        Inclusion is the antidote to radicalism. It seems like an obvious statement but a recent article in the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad points to the conclusions that Dutch researchers came to.

        Bridging the gap. Paris 2008 © Damaso Reyes

        “Researcher Marieke Slootman says

      • Still photos are dead! Long live still photos!
        So with all the advances in high resolution videography the day we still photo conservatives have been dreading is rapidly approaching. Some photographers are now shooting ultra-high definition video and taking still images from that video as we read in an article from PDN online.


      • Be a Brit Different!
        I’m a TransAtlanticist!

        I am one of several artists commissions to create a piece inspired by British culture for this new website. When I was first contacted I thought it was a great idea and wonderful opportunity. As the manifesto points out:

        Signs by Damaso Reyes

      • Film is Dead! Long LIve Film!
        People have been saying that film is dead since the start of the century. With each successive generation of digital camera the shouts grow louder. Now you digicam can shoot movies if you so choose. How long will it be before people are saying the still image is dead?

        The king is de

      • A visit to the Brooklyn Navy Yard
        I know today is the Sabbath and all but I just wanted to share some non-European images. Yesterday I took a trip over to the Brooklyn Navy Yard where many of the artists there were having open studios. While the Navy Yard has been transforming over the past decade from its shipbuilding past to a mor

      • HCB Quote of the Week #53
        While I love spring, fall in New York isn’t too bad either. The crisp air, the changing leaves and the changing light all give one a special feeling I haven’t found anywhere else. So while I enjoy a fall afternoon enjoy your HCB Quote of the Week.

        Autumn in New York…. © Damaso Reyes

      • Photo of the Day #58
        What fascinates me about xenophobes and those who would end all immigration in Europe is how fervently they believe that immigrants will destroy their culture (never mind that no culture can be considered “pure” and is the amalgamation of centuries of interaction) and replace it with their own.
      • Photo of the Day #57
        Continuing on our immigration theme from yesterday comes an interesting article from Der Spiegel online about a hunger strike being led by a group of asylum seekers and immigrants in Belgium.

        “Debkota and seven other people on hunger strikes are being cared for at the Latin America House

      • Photo of the Day #56
        For all of those who missed them while you were gone today marks the return of the Photo of the Day. As you might recall the goal of this daily posting is to both introduce, or reintroduce, you to my images as well as keep you up to date on the latest news from Europe. I hope that my work is not jus

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